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ANALYSIS PROJECTS ABSTRACT 2016-2017 COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS OF THERMAL DISTRIBUTION OF RADIATOR FINS ABSTRACT:- Experiment investigation to increasing the convection efficiency of radiator by using Aluminum and copper alloys Cooling system is a device which is used as cooling system in combustion engine by heat transfer by convection method, in radiator the temperature of the water at entry of the tube is high comparing to the exit, so we predict the radiation in every Sq mm by HYPERMESH with and select the suitable alloy of brass to increase the radiation efficiency by force convection and free convection process This paper reports a study carried out using 3-D modeling and finite element analysis for radiator .Using Pro-E as a 3-D modeling software the 3-D model of the various types of cooling Method. Using Neutral file format the model was imported into HYPERMESH. Here the solid model was converted into Finite Element model. Boundary conditions such as maximum temperature of the cylinder, convective heat transfer coefficient, ambient temperature and material properties such as thermal conductivity of the material are used as set of parameters for the program. Heat flux and temperature profiles were used as measure of efficiency.
  • 2017-03-29T11:02:11

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