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CFD (Computational fluid dynamics) TITLES 1. Flow control over airfoils using different shaped dimples 2. Analysis of flow field across blunt fin with dimples –experimentation 3. Aerodynamic characteristic and flow pattern on dimples structure of a sphere 4. Numerical flow simulation for aircraft 5. Analysis of surface augmentation of airfoil sections via flow visualization techniques 6. Experimental and numerical investigations of a high performance co-flow jet airfoil 7. Modelling & implementation of aerodynamic zero-lift drag into adapdt 8. Cfd analysis on the main-rotor blade of a scale helicopter model using overset meshing 9. Investigation of different airfoils on outer sections of large rotor blades 10. Analysis of foils and wings operating at low reynolds numbers 11. A computational study of the clap and fling aerodynamic mechanism 12. Aeroelastic analysis of aircraft with control surfaces using cfd effects of winglets on a first-generation jet transport wing 13. Aerodynamic analysis of the use of multi-winglets in light aircrafts 14. Drag analysis of an aircraft wing model with and without bird feather like winglet 15. Aerodynamic analysis of a blended-wing-body aircraft configuration 16. Drag reduction in aircraft model using elliptical winglet 17. Experimental investigation on the effect of multi-winglets 18. Aerodynamic analysis of multi-winglets for low speed aircraft 19. Aerodynamic efficiency study of modern spiroid winglets near-field tip vortex behind a swept wing model 20. Analytic and experimental investigation of three-winglets 21. Aerodynamics of wingtip sails 22. Performance analysis of a wing with multiple winglets 23. Cfd analysis of winglets at low subsonic flow 24. The design of winglets for low-speed aircraft 25. Design of multiple winglets to improve turning and soaring characteristics of angelo d’arrigo’s hangglider 26. Numerical study of wingtip shed vorticity reduction by wing boundary layer control 27. Numerical simulation of missile 28. Heat transfer studies on blunt body at hypersonic speeds 29. Simulation of flow over a wedge 30. Design and develop a vortex generator based on boundary layer theory 31. Designing and simulating flow across axisymmetric inlet 32. Flow inside a vortex tube 33. Horizontal tail analysis (2-seat amphibious airplane) 34. Analysis of the z-wing configuration 35. Numerical analysis of injectors in rocket propellant 36. Design and analysis of ramjet engine 37. Cfd analysis of thrust vector control in nozzle 38. Numerical investigation of aero spike nozzle 39. Aerodynamic design study of ground vehicles 40. Cfd analyses of ship hull forms 41. Cfd prediction of loads on marine structures 42. Design and analysis of a radial turbine with back swept blaring 43. Evaluation of cfd sub-models for the intake manifold port flow analysis 44. A vehicle body drags analysis using computational fluid dynamics 45. Cfd calculation of convective heat transfer coefficients and validation 46. A study of computational fluid dynamics applied to room air flow 47. Cfd analysis of airflow and temperature distribution in buildings 48. Assessment of turbulence modeling for cfd 49. Cfd analysis of diffuser 50. Cfd analysis of engine valve 51. Nozzle design optimization for to reduce noise for turbo jet engine. 52. Air and fuel flow interaction in combustion chamber for various injector locations 53. Cfd investigation of airflow on a santro zing car by using fluent 54. Cfd analysis of rocket nozzle 55. Cfd analysis of supersonic exhaust in a scramjet engine 56. aerodynamic design for bus/car vehicle 57. Cfd analysis of exhaust manifold 58. Cfd analysis of centrifugal fan 59. Cfd analysis of intake manifold in si engines 60. Cfd modeling of the automobile catalytic converter 61. Cfd analysis of fluid flow and heat transfer in a single tube-fin arrangement of an automotive radiator 62. Computational flow field analysis of a vertical axis wind turbine 63. Cfd analysis of mixed flow pump impeller 64. Cfd analysis of flow through venture meter to determine the coefficient of discharge 65. Design improvements on mixed flow pumps by means of computational fluid dynamics 66. Turbulent flow simulation in kaplan draft tube 67. Flow analysis of marine propeller 68. Design and analysis of globe valve as control valve using cfd software 69. Numerical analysis of wax melting 70. Conjugate heat transfer analysis in electronics devices
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