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IEEE 2016-2017 EMBED
IEEE 2016-2017 EMBEDDED PROJECTS ABSTRACT WIRELESS POWER TRANSMISSION FOR MULTIPLE DEVICES ABSTRACT: Wireless power transmission concept has being revolutionary emerging against the conventional charging methods of consumer electronics. In this project, we present the concept of wireless power transmission for multiple devices. Simultaneous wireless power transmission via resonant inductive coupling is experimentally demonstrated for a system with single transmitter and single receivers. Resonance between source and load is achieved with lumped capacitors connecting the coils. The circuit design is developed to describe a system with a single receiver for both Ac and Dc appliances. EXISTING SYSTEM:-  Wire connections between electronic products already are accustomed to everyone. Wire connections could sometimes, become trouble and inconvenience us.  The magnetizing current drops at overloaded conditions, it reduces the system efficiency considerably. PROPOSED SYSTEM:-  Single source can be used to transfer energy to more than one device wirelessly, even when the devices have different power requirements.  A large transmitter coil and small receiver coils were designed to analyze the flux distribution within the system. HARDWARE REQUIREMENT:-  AT89S52  WPT  CURRENT SENSOR  VOLTAGE SENSOR  RELAY  AC LOAD  DC LOAD SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT:-  EMBEDDED C  KEIL CROSS COMPILER
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