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IEEE 2016-2017 EMBED
IEEE 2016-2017 EMBEDDED PROJECTS ABSTRACT FLEXIBLE TECHNOLOGIES FOR SMART CAMPUS ABSTRACT: The project deals with different wireless technologies are compared in regards to their main feature and field of application. In general the characteristics of a Blue Tooth Low Energy, BLE, are highlighted. This is elaborated upon in the Smart Campus example. The Smart Campus is an indoor wireless network to deliver location and user based dynamic information to the different visitors, teacher or students of a university campus, both for day-to-day use as for specific events. The system interesting and to augment ease-of-use for all kind of users and content providers, a dedicated content management system is developed within the Smart Campus case. An experimental prototype consists of a set of beacons for day to day monitoring. The data from the beacon gets transmitted and it can be monitored in smart phone or personal computer. EXISTING SYSTEM:- • In existing system only for GPS identification of particular location. • Using wireless data transmission Bluetooth & wi-fi • Transmission data time more. PROPOSED SYSTEM:- • The proposed model is a pure wireless data communication system for smart phone. • I beacon used in long range distance and particular location identification automatically through phone • Transmission data time less . HARDWARE REQUIREMENT:- • I BEACON MODULE • AT89S52 • BATTERY • MOBILE PHONE • PC SOFTWARE REQUIREMENT:- • KEIL IDE • EMBEDDED C • I BEACON APP
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