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IEEE 2017 - 18 NETWORKING PROJECT TITLES Asymptotic Analysis on Content Placement and Retrieval in MANETs Abstract— Recently, performance analysis for large-scale content-centric mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) has received intense attention. In content-centric MANETs, content delivery consists of two operations, i.e., content placement and content retrieval, which may involve different network costs. However, the existing performance studies in content-centric MANETs mainly focus on content retrieval, and hence may not reflect the impact of content placement. In this paper, we investigate the asymptotic throughput and delay performance by considering the two operations of possibly different network costs. In particular, we introduce a general weighted sum delay cost of content placement and content retrieval as the delay performance metric. We consider an arbitrary content popularity distribution and study two mobility models in different time scales, i.e., fast and slow mobility. For each mobility model, we characterize the impacts of the network parameters on the network performance. By optimizing the content placement and retrieval for contents of different popularities, we design a general near-optimal scheme, the parameters of which reflect the delay weights of the two phases. We show that the network performance improves as the number of cached replicas increases until the number reaches a threshold. Finally, we show that our results are general and can incorporate some existing results as special cases. CONTACT GANESAN.P +91 9865862045 +91 8903410319
  • 2018-02-28T07:41:21

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