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IEEE 2017 - 2018 COM
IEEE 2017 - 2018 COMMUNICATION PROJECT TITLES A New Degree of Freedom For Energy Efficiency of Digital Communication Systems Abstract In the future, a large number–millions if not billions–of devices are expected to be connected to the Internet or other service providing agents. These devices vary from traditional devices like desktop and laptop, smart-phones to a various range of devices and things that have embedded tools for communication. Furthermore, they have varying energy consumption, data rate and latency requirements. Technologies like Wi-Fi, Li-Fi, UMTS, and LTE provide high reliable, high rate, low latency solutions, but their energy consumptions may not generally be suitable for peripheral devices. Therefore in this paper, a simple energy efficient physical layer modulation scheme termed as Random Number Modulation (RNM) is proposed. The new scheme employs random number generators (RNGs) to add a new degree of freedom to the system, and is highly adaptable to high rate, low latency and low rate, high energy efficiency scenarios. The performance of the proposed system is also analyzed in terms of symbol and block error probabilities, energy efficiency and latency. It is shown in this paper that there is a fundamental trade-off between the energy efficiency and the latency of the proposed system, and they can be easily software programmable allowing devices to adapt to different circumstances and environments rapidly. CONTACT: GANESAN.P 9865862045 8903410319
  • 2018-01-22T11:10:28

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