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IEEE 2017-2018 WIREL
IEEE 2017-2018 WIRELESS COMMUNICATION TITLES Delta-Sigma Encoder for Low Power Wireless Bio-sensors using Ultra Wideband Impulse Radio Abstract— This brief presents a systematic method to reduce power consumption of a wireless sensor node for sensing biomedical signals. The design combines the Delta-Sigma modulator, the Ultra Wide band impulse radio, and the proposed XNOR-Delay based encoder/decoder, which replaces the decimation filter. The encoder/decoder for both the first and second order Delta-Sigma modulators are presented. The clock synchronization problem is solved by using an asynchronous Ultra Wide band impulse radio.Effects of window length, the order of Delta-Sigma modulation, and the oversampling ratio are studied by simulation using neural and electrocardiography signals. Based on the simulation results, the proposed method can save power by 50% compared to the system with decimation filters, and 53% compared to the system without the proposed encoder CONTACT: GANESAN.P +91 9865862045 +91 8903410319
  • 2018-04-11T12:00:30

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