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IEEE MAT LAB PROJECT ABSTRACT 2016-2017 AUTOMATION SEGMENTATION OF PET IMAGE FOR BRAIN TUMORS ABSTRACT:- The paper presents an improved Fuzzy C- Means (FCM) Algorithm for obtaining segmentation results of PET image. The segmentation of images with low resolution is usually more difficult than images with high resolution on account of boundary definition difficulties. In order to extract tumor from a PET image, we have to specify the numbers of clusters and which may vary from one image to another when we apply FCM algorithm. However we can divide all contents of image into two parts: background and foreground. Then iterative fuzzy clustering was used and we can get desired results via parameters assessment. The advantage of the algorithm is completely automatic and simply. It is shown that the algorithm is robust for a lot of different datum by experiment.
  • 2017-04-04T10:16:03

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