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IEEE 2016 - 2017 Power Electronics and Power Systems Titles 1) Investigation of Negative-Sequence Injection Capability of Cascaded H-Bridge Converters in Star and Delta Configuration 2) A Novel Control for a Cascaded Buck Boost PFC Converter Operating in Discontinuous Capacitor Voltage Mode 3) A Single-Phase Buck-Boost Matrix Converter with Only Six Switches and Without Commutation Problem 4) Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System Least Mean Square Based Control Algorithm for DSTATCOM 5) Average-Value Model of Modular Multilevel Converters Considering Capacitor Voltage Ripple 6) LMF Based Control Algorithm for Single Stage Three-Phase Grid Integrated Solar PV System 7) Analysis of bi-directional piezoelectric-based converters for zero-voltage switching operation 8) A Multi-Level Converter with a Floating Bridge for Open-Ended Winding Motor Drive Applications 9) Variable Duty Cycle Control for Quadratic Boost PFC Converter 10) Pulse Pattern Modulated Strategy for Harmonic Current Components Reduction in Three-Phase AC-DC Converters 11) Practical Layouts and DC-Rail Voltage Clamping Techniques of Z-Source Inverters 12) A Low Capacitance Cascaded H-Bridge Multi-Level StatCom 13) Impedance networks and its Application in Power for Electric Traction Systems 14) Phase Current Balance Control Using DC-Link Current Sensor for Multi-Phase Converters with Discontinuous Current Mode Considered 15) Efficient Single Phase Transformerless Inverter for Grid-Tied PVG System With Reactive Power Control 16) Single-Stage High Power Factor Converters Requiring Low DC-Link Capacitance to Drive Power LEDs 17) High Efficiency Bi-Directional Converter for Flywheel Energy Storage Application 18) Z-Source Resonant Converter with Power Factor Correction for Wireless Power Transfer Applications 19) Design of External Inductor for Improving Performance of Voltage Controlled DSTATCOM 20) A Single-Switch AC-DC LED Driver Based on a Boost-Flyback PFC Converter with Lossless Snubber 21) Control and Analysis of the Modular Multilevel DC De-Icer with STATCOM Functionality 22) Combined Phase Shift and Frequency Modulation of a Dual Active Bridge AC-DC Converter with PFC 23) Least Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Differential Power Processing Systems 24) Experimental Investigation on a Hybrid Series Active Power Compensator to Improve Power Quality of Typical Households 25) Soft Start and Voltage Control of Induction Motors using Floating Capacitor Hbridge Converters 26) High Performance Predictive Control of Quasi Impedance Source Inverter 27) Analysis of the Integrated SEPIC-Flyback Converter as a Single-Stage Single-Switch Power-Factor-Correction LED Driver 28) Matrix Converter Based Active Distribution Transformer 29) Universal AC Input High Density Power Adapter Design with a Clamped Series Resonant 30) SVM Strategies for Common-Mode Current Reduction in Transformerless Current-Source Drives at Low Modulation Index 31) A Single-stage High Frequency Resonant AC/AC Converter 32) Analysis and Control of Neutral-Point Voltage for Transformerless Three-Level PV Inverter in LVRT Operation 33) A Hybrid-STATCOM with Wide Compensation Range and Low DC-Link Voltage 34) A Single-Stage Single-Switch LED Driver Based on Class-E Converter 35) Impedance Coordinative Control for Cascaded Converter in Bidirectional Application 36) A DC-voltage Controlled Variable Capacitor for Stabilizing the ZVS Frequency of a Resonant Converter for Wireless Power Transfer 37) Combined LMS-LMF Based Control Algorithm of DSTATCOM for Power Quality Enhancement in Distribution System 38) Interleaved SEPIC Power Factor Pre-Regulator Using Coupled Inductors in Discontinuous Conduction Mode with Wide Output Voltage 39) Model Predictive Control Scheme of Five-Leg AC-DC-AC Converter-Fed Induction Motor Drive 40) A Virtual RLC Damper to Stabilize DC/DC Converters Having an LC Input Filter while Improving the Filter Performance 41) Synchronous Power Controller with Flexible Droop Characteristics for Renewable Power Generation Systems 42) A Buck Power Factor Correction Converter with Predictive Quadratic Sinusoidal Current Modulation and Line Voltage Reconstruction 43) A Real-time Variable Turn-off Current Strategy for PFC Converter with Voltage Spike Limitation and Efficiency Improvement 44) A Common Grounded Z-Source DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain 45) A Digital Predictive Current Mode Controller for Single Phase High Frequency Transformer Isolated Dual Active Bridge DC to DC Converter 46) A High-Voltage Compliant Current-to-Digital Sensor for DC-DC Converters in Standard CMOS Technology 47) A New Single-Switch Isolated High-Gain Hybrid Boosting Converter 48) A Novel Approach to Generate Effective Carrier-Based Pulsewidth Modulation Strategies for Diode-Clamped Multilevel DC-AC Converters 49) A Novel Medium-Voltage Modular Multilevel DC-DC Converter 50) A PWM Plus Phase-Shift Controlled Interleaved Isolated Boost Converter Based on Semi-Active Quadrupler Rectifier for High Step-Up Applications 51) Analysis and Design of Current-Fed High Step Up PWM Controlled Quasi-Resonant DC-DC Converter for Fuel Cell Applications 52) Analysis and Implementation of a Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with High Voltage Gain 53) Capacitor Aging Detection in DC-DC Converter Output Stage 54) Derivation of Dual-Switch Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Fault-Tolerant Capability 55) Design and Analysis of a High Efficiency DCDC Converter with Soft Switching Capability for Renewable Energy Applications Requiring High Voltage Gain 56) Design and Steady State Analysis of Parallel Resonant DC-DC Converter for High Voltage Power Generator 57) Digital Control of a High Voltage (2.5 kV) Bidirectional DC-DC Flyback Converter for Driving a Capacitive Incremental Actuator 58) Downsizing Effects of Integrated Magnetic Components in High Power Density DC-DC Converters for EV and HEV 59) Effective Voltage Balance Control for Bipolar-DC-Bus Fed EV Charging Station with Three-Level DC-DC Fast Charger 60) Feed-Forward based Control in a DC-DC Converter of Asymmetric Multistage Stacked Boost Architecture 61) High Step-Up/Step-Down Soft-Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter with Coupled-Inductor and Voltage Matching Control for Energy Storage Systems 62) High-Efficiency Asymmetric Forward-Fly back Converter for Wide Output Power Range 63) Isolated Double Step-down DC-DC Converter with Improved ZVS Range and No Transformer Saturation Problem 64) Minimum-Current-Stress Scheme of Dual Active Bridge DC-DC Converter with Unified-phase-shift Control 65) Model Predictive Control of Capacitor Voltage Balancing for Cascaded Modular DC-DC Converters 66) Model Predictive Voltage Control for Single Inductor Multiple-Output DC-DC Converter with Reduced Cross Regulation 67) Parasitics Assisted Soft-switching and Secondary Modulated Snubberless Clamping Current-fed Bidirectional Voltage Doubler for Fuel Cell Vehicles 68) Stability Analysis and Stabilization methods of DC Microgrid with Multiple Parallel-Connected DC-DC Converters loaded by CPLs 69) Steady-State Analysis of Inductor Conduction Modes in the Quadratic Boost Converter 70) Suppression of the Peak Harmonics from Loads by Using a Variable Capacitance Filter in Low-Voltage DC/DC Converters 71) Topology Derivation and Generalized Analysis of Zero-Voltage-Switching Synchronous DC-DC Converters with Coupled Inductors 72) Unified Triple-Phase-Shift Control to Minimize Current Stress and Achieve Full Soft Switching of Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter 73) A New Transformerless Buck-Boost Converter With Positive Output Voltage 74) Derivation of Dual-Switch Step-Down DC/DC Converters with Fault-Tolerant Capability 75) Digital Sensorless Current Mode Control Based on Charge Balance Principle and Dual Current Error Compensation for DC–DC Converters in DCM
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