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IEEE 2018 - 19 HADOOP IEEE PROJECT S.NO PROJECT NEURAL NETWORK 1. A Deep Neural Network Model for arget-based Sentiment Analysis 2. Crowd Density Estimation Based on a Modified Multicolumn Convolutional Neural Network 3. Measuring Semantic Similarity Between Sentences Using A Siamese Neural Network 4. Multi-layer neural networks for quality of service oriented server-state classification in cloud servers 5. Decomposition of Rotor Hopfield Neural Networks Using Complex Numbers 6. PID controller based on a self-adaptive neural network to ensure qos bandwidth requirements in passive optical networks 7. Evaluating Shallow and Deep Neural Networks for Network Intrusion Detection Systems in Cyber Security 8. Merging and Evolution: Improving Convolutional Neural Networks for Mobile Applications 9. Prediction of congestion degree for optical networks based on bp artificial neural network 10. Cost-sensitive Hybrid Neural Networks for Heterogeneous and Imbalanced Data 11. A Hybrid Network Traffic Prediction Model Based on Optimized Neural Network 12. Multi-Context Integrated Deep Neural Network Model for Next Location Prediction 13. An energy-efficient deep learning processor with heterogeneous multi-core architecture for convolutional neural networks and recurrent neural networks 14. Improving Neural-Network Classifiers Using Nearest Neighbor Partitioning 15. Training Recurrent Neural Network on Distributed Representation Space for Session-based Recommendation 16. Sentiment Analysis Using Neural Networks: A New Approach 17. A load balanced mapping for spiking neural network 18. Effect of patch based training on object localization with convolutional neural networks 19. Neural network model for optimize network work in the infrastructure of the virtual data center 20. Mobile base station feeding network design based on neural network optimization
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