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POWER ELECTRONICS ABSTRACT 2016-2017 EXPERIMENTAL INVESTIGATION ON A HYBRID SERIES ACTIVE POWER COMPENSATOR TO IMPROVE POWER QUALITY OF TYPICAL HOUSEHOLDS ABSTRACT: In this paper a Transformer less Hybrid Series Active Filter (THS e AF) using a sliding mode control algorithm and a Notch harmonic detection technique are implemented on a Single-phase distribution feeder. This method provides compensation for source current harmonics coming from a voltage fed type of nonlinear load (VSC) and reactive power regulation of a residential consumer. The realized active power filter enhances the power quality while cleaning the point of common coupling (PCC) from possible voltage distortions, sags, and swells initiated through the grid. Furthermore, to overcome drawbacks of real-time control delay, a computational delay compensation method, which accurately generates reference voltages, is proposed. Based on an improved compensation strategy, while the grid current remains clean even with a small compensation gain, voltage disturbances initiated by the power system are obstructed by the compensator, and the PCC became free of voltage harmonics and protected from sag and swell. Simulation and experimental results carried on a 1.6-kVA prototype are presented and discussed.
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