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MANUFACTURING PROJECTS 2016-2017 ABSTRACT THE EFFECT OF CALCIUM ADDITION ON STRENGTH AND ELECTROCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF BRASS ALLOY SPECIMEN PRODUCED BY CASTING ABSTRACT:- The composition of different Brass metal alloys is known to affect their current capacity, potential, and anode efficiency. Many alloying elements have been used in attempts to improve the electrochemical properties of copper zinc anodes. Significant improvements of electrochemical properties have been achieved by controlling the adverse effects of impurity elements such as Fe, Ni, Cu with alloying elements. Out of many elements, Calcium is considered as a very effective element that can improve the electrochemical properties of Brass metal-alloys because of its relatively low potential in comparison with specified elements such as Mn, Al, Zn in high Mn alloys or AZ63 alloys with the effect of grain refining. Ca has recently been used as a common inhibitor for the ignition of molten Brass metal alloys. However, the viscosity of pure Brass metal is markedly increased with increasing Ca content. Ca is responsible for making the casting of Brass metal alloys from Brass metal melt difficult at desirable pouring temperatures. In the present study, the effect of Ca addition on the strength and electrochemical properties of Brass metal-Ca alloys is investigated. Viscosity as well as electrochemical data will be correlated with chemical composition of impurities.
  • 2017-03-08T05:21:41

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