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Mechanical Design Project Titles Mechanical Design project titles 1. Design & analysis of connecting rod using aluminum silicon carbide 2. Design, animation & analysis of agricultural chipper 3. Design, animation & analysis of hybrid air engine 4. Design & analysis of support platform for small form factor pc in ruggedness testing environment 5. Analysis of noise reduction in rotor blade by using composite material 6. Modeling and analysis of screw engine 7. Stress analysis of washing machine drum 8. 3d thermal analysis of liquid propellant rocket with bell nozzle 9. Modeling & structural analysis of piston by using mg-sic 10. Modeling, analysis of tri axial tipper (different angle) 11. Design & analysis of poppet valve using composite 12. Failure analysis and optimization of planner machine horizontal mechanism 13. Design and analysis of industrial pneumatic trolley 14. Design and analysis of aluminum & copper connecting rod 15. Modeling & analysis of suspension steering system 16. Design and analysis of piston by composite materials 17. Design, animation & analysis of shredding, chipping and murching 18. Tribological analysis on disc brake pad 19. Dynamic balancing of rotor 20. Design & analysis of piston by using composite materials aluminum & magnesium 21. Modeling & analysis of motorized screw jack 22. Wear rate analysis of nano coated cutting tools 23. Design & analysis of composite leaf spring 24. Design & analysis of vacuum assisted wall climber 25. Design & analysis of splines elimination of starter motor shaft 26. Multipurpose agricultural machinery dynamic analysis for shaft 27. Modeling & analysis of leaf spring under dynamic load condition for tata sumo 28. Design & analysis of supercharging an engine using vehicle suspension 29. Analysis of failure mechanism of 90? Pipe elbow with in-plane and out-of plane loading 30. Analysis of cam shaft using composite material 31. Design and analysis of composite helical gear 32. Productivity improvement by automatic lifting 33. Modeling and structural analysis on flight wing by using ansys 34. Design and analysis of a hydraulic die ejector for a powder metallurgy component 35. Structural analysis of heavy vehicle chassis using honey comb structure 36. Study of wear behavior of aluminum based composite fabricated by stir casting technique 37. Design and stress analysis of four-post rollover protective structure of agricultural-wheeled tractor 38. Design and analysis of scissor jack 39. 3d modeling and analysis of micro gas turbine compressor blade 40. Design, animation & analysis of suspension steering system 41. Design & analysis of piston by using composite materials aluminum & magnesium 42. Design & analysis of stirling engine 43. Design and analysis of electromagnetic engine 44. Design and analysis of the windmill by the composite material 45. Design & analysis of hybrid magnetic bearing 46. Design & analysis of vacuum assisted wall climber 47. Redesign of bead extruder head assembly (analysis) 48. Design & analysis of screw engine 49. Design & analysis of composite gear wheel 50. Analysis of impeller using aluminum composite 51. Design & analysis of auto tilting mechanism in car 52. Design, modeling and analysis of a 3 stage epicyclic planetary reduction gear unit of a flight vehicle 53. Finite element analysis of normal and vented disc brake rotor 54. Design and analysis of rocker arm using composite material 55. Design and analysis of composite over bridge coupling 56. Modeling and analysis of drum brake 57. Analysis of adhesively bonded single lap riveted joint using ansys 58. Finite element analysis and natural frequency optimization of engine bracket 59. Analysis of helical coil compression spring for three wheeler automotive front suspension 60. Fatigue analysis of aluminum alloy wheel under radial load 61. Design and analysis of dumped body 62. Design and analysis of connecting rod using aluminum alloy 7068 t6, t6511 63. Finite element analysis and optimization of piston using cae tools 64. Design and analysis of three axis hydraulic modern trailer 65. Design and analysis of helical spring with shock absorber 66. Modeling and analysis of automobile chassis brackets 67. Design and analysis of disappearing car door 68. Design and analysis of wind car 69. Modeling and analysis of bicycle frame 70. Studies on friction stir welding aa2024 & aa6061 71. Stress analysis of mechanisms for trolley-cum-wheelchair 72. Stress analysis of seat backrest of car 73. Modeling and squeal analysis of brake disc rotor using ansys 74. Design and analysis of composite brake pedal: an ergonomic approach 75. Thermal analysis on composite materials 76. Modeling & analysis solar assisted air dryer 77. Analysis of electricity production mechanical system 78. Structural analysis of rivet joint 79. Design & analysis of special purpose lifting equipment 80. Finite element analysis of bus body structure 81. Static and vibration analyzing shock absorber power generation using piezo electric 82. Design & analysis of mechanical locking system for fuel flap 83. Design & analysis of coil spring with different materials 84. Analysis of frp composite cylinders 85. Modeling and analysis of a motorcycle wheel rim 86. Design and analysis of jet wind turbine blades 87. Comparative analysis of tractors trolley axle by using fea(by considering change in materials existing shape and size) 88. Design and analysis of electromagnetic suspension system 89. Design and analysis of crane hook assembly 90. Vibration analysis of leaf spring 91. Design and analysis of composite helical gear 92. Analysis of windmill blade by using composite material 93. Analysis of triangular air compressor with common combustion chamber 94. Transient analysis of disk brake by using ansys software 95. Impact analysis on front sub frame system using composite material 96. Design and analysis of automobile frame 97. Finite element analysis of the classic bicycle wheel 98. Design & analysis of quick lifting jack with gear arrangement 99. Study and analysis of aircraft fuselage body structure by using composite material
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